The "Woke" Ideology Has Been Adopted By Justin Trudeau

The term "Woke" originally came from the black community meaning alert to racial prejudice and discrimination. It has grown to include all social injustices and prejudices, including the treatment of ethnic, racial or sexual minorities. The idea has been co-opted by people calling themselves progressives who have expanded the concept of an injured party to include anyone who has been publicly made to feel uncomfortable, or been disrespected or slighted in any way by someone or something and is made to order for anyone eager to play the victim. The offending party or someone who disagrees with the Woke agenda can be vilified in mob-like reprisals involving public shaming, boycotts, professional scorn, firing from their job, or worse.

The worst of these is in the area of gender politics, especially concerning the transgender community, who believe that your gender can be changed through surgeries of sex organs and hormone treatment. This is despite the scientific fact that your DNA cannot be changed and that your bones, muscles, brain, and other internal organs are all determined at birth by your gender. It is biologically impossible to change your sex.

Belief in this trendy nonsense has resulted in the indoctrination of schoolchildren who are told that there is no such thing as girls and boys, the view that men who identify as females should be able to use female bathrooms and change rooms, and the promotion of this concept in the educational, healthcare, and entertainment fields.

To contradict the Woke crowd has resulted in professional problems for Canadian educators who have dared to speak up and intimidation for those who also disagree but will not because of the threat to their livelihood.

Jordan Peterson was a psychology professor at the University of Toronto who resigned in protest against the Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity (DIE) mandates that discriminated against his male, white, heterosexual students for study, research and teaching positions. He also refused to use genderless pronouns like they and them in addressing people instead of him and her and raised the possibility of being in violation of the Canadian Human Rights Code, that added gender identity and expression to anti-discrimination laws in 2017 by Trudeau's Liberals, if someone refuses to use the specific chosen pronouns. Legal experts have pointed out that this is possible under the legislation.

University of Alberta associate professor Kathleen Lowrey was dismissed as associate chair of undergraduate studies in the department of anthropology in March 2020 over her views on gender identity and expression. Her crime? She publicly challenged the idea that men can become women and women can become men. Her career is destined to become stunted as a result of this action by the university.

Transgender male to female athletes have become competing in female competitions and, as you guessed it, won due to their biological advantages. After an epidemic of transgender men/women competing as women in women's sporting events, some sports organizations have banned the practice to ensure fairness in women's competitions.

The International Cycling Union banned the practice after a transgender man/women, Austin Killips, won the Tour of the Gila competition. World Athletics, the governing body of track and field events has banned transgender men/women from competing in their women's events and at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association enacted a similar ban after a transgender man/woman, Lia Thomas, won a publicly controversial swimming medal after being ranked 65th in the men's sport and World Aquatics, swimming's governing body also enacted a ban.

In one publicly controversial event, a transgender man/women won a Many U.S. states have completely banned transgender athletes from women's sports. But of course some groups such as the American Civil Liberties Association, who are pro transgender everything, have come out in favour of biological males competing as females.



Recently, the premier of New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, encountered the wrath of the LGBTQ when he changed the policy that sets gender rules in public schools.

The first change to the policy pertains to sports and in particular transgender participation in sports and the impact on girl's athletic teams and scholarship programs where biological males have unfair advantages with a view to leveling the playing field.

The next change is discontinuing the practice of allowing males who identify as females, meaning any creep, to use female bathrooms and changing rooms. This is a common demand by the LGBTQ which has resulted in several U.S. states passing legislation to prevent this from being permitted and falsely characterized as anti-LGBTQ laws.

And the most controversial change is making it no longer mandatory for teachers to use the preferred pronouns or names of transgender or non-binary students under the age of 16. A teacher or school would need to obtain parental consent of a child who wants to change their name at school. A student who refuses parental involvement would be referred to a school psychologist or social worker to develop a plan to inform the student's parents if and when they are ready to do so. Previously, the school must have hidden the fact that the child is using a different name or pronoun at school to the point of taking down artwork with the student's chosen name on parent-teacher night.

You have to dig deep to get enough of this information to really understand what is going on. Most of the media avoided the actual details, leaving the public largely uninformed about the situation.

His Wokeness, Justin Trudeau, of course had to get involved saying "Far-right political actors are trying to outdo themselves with the types of cruelty and isolation they can inflict on these already vulnerable people. Right now, trans kids in New Brunswick are being told they don't have the right to be their true selves, that they need to ask permission. Well, trans kids need to feel safe, not targeted by politicians". Which of course is absolute rubbish.

The Conservative Leader, Pierre Poilievre said, "My message to Justin Trudeau is butt out, and let provinces run schools and parents raise kids." A sentiment shared by many parents.

In a further demonstration of the ideology run amuck, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has threatened legal action against the province if it doesn't reverse the changes to the new policy. Transgender activists, unashamedly encouraging their anti-biology agenda in school children, also came out in support of schools hiding from parents the infection of their children by the transgender virus.

Saskatchewan has recently enacted similar rules in its schools, believing that parents have a right to know, as well as assuming more control over sex education and allowing more parent involvement in this part of the curriculum. Manitoba is also taking steps to keep parents informed.

Demonstrations across the country called the 1 Million March 4 Children took place in September 2023 were meant to support the parents right to know and to call for discontinuing transgender ideology teaching in schools. The Woke crowd held counter demonstrations accusing the parents of hate, which is their typical attempt to disparage those who disagree with them and dismiss their concerns.