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The origin of the term “woke” actually goes back to the 1940s and was used by African Americans to describe awareness to the injustices of discrimination. It gained prominence during the “Black Lives Matter” movement that was in response to police violence against black Americans. The definition, according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, is “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”.

In actual use it is the updated version of “politically correct” but with added militant zealousness and an increase in the extent of aggrieved parties. It has grown to include all social injustices and prejudices, including the treatment of ethnic, racial, religious or sexual minorities.

But the idea has been co-opted by people calling themselves progressives who have expanded the concept of a victim to include anyone who is non-white, LGBTQ, or has been made to feel uncomfortable, or been disrespected or offended in any way by someone or something. If you are white, and are not in one of those victim categories, then you are automatically a racist, oppressor, colonizer. Victimhood endows the victim with status in the woke world. "Cancel culture", is used when someone who disagrees with the woke ideology is vilified in mob-like reprisals involving harassment, public shaming, boycotts, and professional scorn. They can be fired from their job or have a human rights complaint made against them.

This ideology is actually being promoted in some programs of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) conducted by corporations and educational institutions or mandated as reeducation for an offending party who disagrees with or questions the woke agenda. It has resulted in reverse racial and ethnic discrimination where the “victims” have been given preferential treatment in hiring or career advancement.

 The Liberals are expanding these programs and pouring multi-millions of dollars into them. The Employment Equity Act sets quotas for women, visible minorities, Indigenous and disabled people in the federal public sector. It will be expanded so that Black and LGBTQ people will each get their own quotas. The Canada Summer Jobs Program is being funded $230 million for prioritizing work opportunities for disabled, non-white, and LGBTQ youth. Canadian Heritage is getting $10 million to develop a program for subsidizing newsroom positions for non-white journalists, $25 million for "anti-hate" and "anti-racism" (i.e. any disagreement with the woke agenda) programming, and $16 million for advancing DIE in sports. Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) gets $15 million for security at Pride festivals and to fund pro 2SLBTQI+ projects. Indigenous mental health, investigations of residential schools, combatting residential school denialism, and Indigenous justice initiatives will receive $960 million in 2024 and 2025. This will all total up to at least $800 million per year.

Some of the worst supporters of woke ideology are at universities. Wokeness now terrorizes intellectual freedoms on campus. Recent examples include the firing of tenured Mount Royal University Prof. Frances Widdowson for expressing unpopular views on Indigenous issues, the proliferation of race-based hiring programs and the killing of free speech and open discourse by anyone with a contradictory viewpoint. The administrators and educators see themselves instilling in students a set of approved understandings and values that will enable them to conform to a particular social justice perspective and promote social justice goals rather than educating.

Some Canadian medical schools have even joined the DIE lunacy. Queens University has limited the school’s accelerated-track admission to Black and Indigenous students only. The University of Calgary, McGill, Dalhousie, and the University of Alberta have created a special admissions path for Black students. There are racial and gender requirements for professors as well. The University of British Columbia’s search for a spinal-cord rehabilitation scholar and a research chair for its faculty of dentistry is only open to certain specified groups-people with disabilities, Indigenous people, racialized people, women, and people from minoritized gender identity groups. This discrimination is legal under Section 42 of the BC Human Rights Code. Similarly, the University of Alberta’s hunt for a clinician-scientist in medicine isn’t open to white men. The federal government strong-arms educational institutions to restrict hiring for federal research grants and other opportunities to members of groups it considers disadvantaged. Specfically excluded are white males. The medical system itself is under attack by activists who want DIE ideology instruction mandatory for doctors and other medical practitioners.strike out woke

The legal profession has also become infected with the same wokeness. The Law Society of Ontario now requires if a legal workplace has 10 or more licensees, the workplace must have a human rights and diversity policy that addresses, at the very least, fair recruitment, retention and advancement. The licensees must appoint a representative (who is a licensee) to report in their Annual Report Filing on the development, implementation and maintenance of that policy.

The Law Society of Alberta has adopted the view that there is systemic discrimination, which is policies, procedures and practices within systems and institutions that result in disproportionate opportunities or disadvantages for people with a common set of characteristics such as age, culture, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status in society and in the legal profession. As part of its Cultural Competence and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, it mandates that lawyers complete its Indigenous Cultural Competency Education program. This is despite the fact that the Canadian Criminal Code requires that judges consider aboriginal ethnicity in passing sentences in criminal cases, in other words reducing or eliminating jail time for aboriginal offenders.

Woke AnneParks Canada has embraced the woke ideology by rewriting history at the sites that it manages by that removing or editing historical references to anyone who isn't Indigenous by labelling them as a racist, oppressor, colonizer. The Anne of Green Gables sites on Prince Edward Island are to have more inclusive histories and "the number of opportunities at the site to engage visitors in learning about and connecting to a diversity of cultures will increase". This is even though they are works of fiction and the novels were written about a white girl in her white community.

The opening of the one-time residence of the first prime minister of Canada Sir John A. Macdonald's Bellevue House in Kingston, Ontario to the public included comments from Parks Canada director Jarred Picher who said that Macdonald's "prime ministership has left deep harms that continue to be felt over 150 years later". Channon Oyeniran, a vice-president of the Ontario Black History Society continued the woke theme by saying that Macdonald despite his role on building the country "is also remembered for his harmful, discriminatory and exclusionary views and policies toward various racialized groups of people including Indigenous peoples, Chinese Canadians, Black Canadians and many more". She claimed that Canada was "steeped in racism, colonialism, white supremacy and other legacies of enslavement". She was very confused and historically illiterate by equating slavery that existed in the United States with Canada that didn't participate in slavery. Amy Go, president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, claimed that anti-Asian occurrences during the COVID-19 pandemic "can in many ways be traced back to the time when John A. Macdonald and other politicians of the day had portrayed Chinese as foreigners". Everything was done to disparage his legacy short of burning him in effigy. The architect of the only transcontinental, bicultural, parliamentary Confederation in the history of the world, his diplomatic achievements with Great Britain and the United States, the building of the trans-Canada railway, and not perfect but reasonable relations with Native people were all ignored. It's a mystery why Parks Canada bothered to open Macdonald's Bellevue House at all.

One of the battlegrounds between the woke and unwoke is the area of transgenderism, where the practice of using surgery and hormone treatment to change your gender is promoted as a valid biological procedure, even to young teenagers, despite being scientifically impossible and abused by men masquerading as women in sports, women’s bathrooms and change rooms, and other areas.

See the webpage with the disturbing details on this,  kingofwoke.ca/woke