Justin waving pride flag



Do we really need Pride month? Do we really need Pride parades, Pride flags and Pride school events? Discrimination and acts of hate against members of any group are unacceptable, but it seems bizarre that all forms of sexuality must be celebrated except the union of one man and one woman. The rest of us who are not having their sexuality celebrated are experiencing Pride fatigue from having this agenda constantly being thrown in our faces.

Issues with the Pride flag have been particularly divisive. Many Canadians feel that the Pride flag displayed in Ottawa with the same status as the flag of Canada is inappropriate. An LGBTQ group in Norwich, Ontario has filed a human rights complaint against the township because they will not display the Pride flag on civic property. Other municipalities and some schools have likewise declined to display the Pride flag.

The whole concept has been taken to an absurd level, especially where schools are concerned. Schoolchildren, even with kids too young to have any understanding of sex, are being forced to attend Pride events. One school had guards at the exits to prevent anyone from escaping a Pride assembly. A teacher in Alberta told a Muslim student to get out of Canada if he wanted to avoid the school's Pride events. Two provinces, Ontario and BC have instructed their school boards that failure to have Pride events at schools is a violation of human rights.

In response, mass absences have taken place at schools on the days of Pride events. This has been attributed to Muslim students but there has been no examination of the true makeup of the absentee students.

Another battle in the gender wars has been waged by 2SLGBTQ+ activists in Toronto schools about an activity where men masquerading as women recite stories and sing songs, known as "drag queen story time", to six to 13 year olds. How did this become a thing? Because the Toronto District School Board policy allows parents to opt-out and attend other activities instead, fanatical activists have called the policy outrageous, dangerous and hateful and in breach of Ontario's human rights code. Another case where the LGBTQ community says parents should have no say in the education of their children and their exposure to their gender-bending agenda, even before their young bodies know what sex is.

Justin with drag queenAnd never one to pass up an opportunity to look ridiculous, the Mad King of Woke, Justin Trudeau, is the only world leader to have appeared on a television show devoted to drag queens, "Canada's Drag Race: Canada vs. the World". As if he hasn't been embarrassing enough to the country.