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The Trudeau government has contributed more than $100 million to a UN agency with a history of enabling Palestinian extremism


As reported in the National Post, the Trudeau Liberals in 2016 reinstated funding to the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA), which was identified as a back door for terrorism funding, in a typical rose-coloured glasses reality-challenged decision by this government. For years, UNRWA has been manipulated by Gaza's corrupt government in flagrant contradiction of the UN state policy of neutrality, said former Conservative cabinet minister Peter Kent at the time and told CBC News he was horrified at the decision. The agency, with current headquarters in the Gaza Strip, was established in 1949 to support the relief and human development of Palestinian refugees and their descendants displaced by the Israeli-Arab conflicts by providing education, health care, and social services.

Stephen Harper's government cut off funding to UNRWA in 2010 when it noted that the schools that it runs indoctrinated children in terrorism and anti-Israel ideology and urged students to pursue the eradication of Israel. The 2013 documentary shows Palestinian children being taught to hate Jews and Israel and support martyrdom at an UNRWA summer camp. In 2014 it was discovered that the schools were storing Hamas rockets. In 2015 several UNRWA employees were suspended by the UN for uploading Facebook posts that were explicitly calling for violence against Israel. In April 2017, UNRWA teacher and hamas attackdead victimsChairman of the UNRWA Employees in Gaza Suhail al-Hindi resigned amid allegations he had been elected to the Hamas leadership. In June and October 2017, Hamas terror tunnels were discovered under UNRWA schools in Gaza. UNRWA employees have exploited their UNRWA privileges to assist terrorist groups like Hamas for years, including by using UNRWA vehicles to transport weapons and terrorists for attacks against Israel.

Funding to the organization was under review by the European Union and other contributing countries after the bloody attack on Israeli civilians by from Gaza on October 7, 2023. Meanwhile several countries said they were suspending development aid for the Palestinian areas for the moment, including to the UNRWA. Despite the questionable use of funds, in May 2023 Trudeau announced that funding would be increased by another $3 million, then announced $10 million in "humanitarian" aid, then announced another $50 million.

Twelve UNRWA employees were fired after it came to light that they participated in the October 7 attacks, but Israel has claimed that 450 UNRWA employees were involved and that 2,135 UNRWA employees are members of Palestinian terror organizations with more than three-quarters of them belonging to Hamas. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs provided evidence to Global Affairs Canada of this UNRWA involvement with Hamas, including evidence of of UNRWA employees participating in the murder and kidnapping, including hostages being held in the home of an UNRWA employee. Then because of pressure from Palestinians and Hamas supporters worldwide, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland and Japan resumed funding. By all accounts Hamas has control of any donations of food and supplies and uses it for its own ends before any of it goes to the general population. Meanwhile, the United States passed legislation banning any funding for one year.

Canadian relatives of victims of the October 7, 2023 terror attacks, along with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, are suing the Canadian government over its decision to resume funding. The families filed notice of the suit in Federal Court asking for an order to reverse the Liberal government's decision. They argue that, "Under Canadian law, funding can only be advanced to organizations that respect Canadian values and international human rights standards. Additionally, given UNRWA's well-documented links to Hamas, a terrorist organization under Canadian law, by resuming Canadian funding to UNRWA, the government is in violation of its own anti-terrorism legislation."

It is being reported by Israel's embassy in Washington and the website i24news on the vast sums of wealth that the Hamas terror group controls, with billions of dollars of investments in banks and real estate throughout the Middle East. Hamas uses the money for tunnel construction and purchases of rockets and other arms. Many of the top Hamas leaders, safely tucked away far from Gaza in Qatar, have net worths in the billions. Hundreds of other Hamas leaders have become millionaires through graft and corruption in Gaza and the donations made by duped countries. The U.S. Justice Department and the Department of the Treasury have both investigated and sanctioned organizatons and charged individuals who are part of the terror group's funding operations.